One year in Denmark

It is strange to think that it is just few days till it is going to be one year from the day I flight out from Lithuania and landed into Denmark. So many things happened in this year, everything changed many times, I changed, the way I think and the things I want.

I am not going to lie and say that it was easy, that I just came here and everything went smooth. This is definitely was not the case, and it is still not. There is still some days, when I am thinking what the hell I am doing here, why I came here at all, and maybe it would be just easier to leave everything here and go back to Lithuania. Especially in the beginning I had quite a lot of these days, now as the time passes I do have less of them, but still I have. And then I just try to remind myself why I came here at first place and why I decided that I do not want to do my master at Lithuania and wanted to do it somewhere else, why I chose this university and this country.

What is related with the studies, I am actually super happy. These studies or more like this university and teachers here helped me kinda to find path in this field, motivated me to try new things and figure out what I really want to do in this field and showed me all different things to do. I know that if I would stayed in Lithuania, probably by now I would hate this field even more and definitely it would be the last thing I would like to do in my life. I could say without a doubt that this university helped me to fall in love with biotechnology and now I can see its beauty.

The hardest part here is not to have your family and friends together with you. Not to be able to see them whenever you want or need. Technologies do help a lot with it, but it still can not fill the loneliness inside sometimes. During this time it is hard to stay positive but I try and i know that I made a good decision by coming here, and it is for my own future.

And if you are thinking now to decide on something, it does not have to be something about leaving to another country, but I would say that you should take a risk. It is way better to know that you tried, than your whole life after think what if. 🙂


Peace, Zou. 🙂

Down weekend

Today I feel down, and honestly, I can not do anything about it.

It is just one of these days when I can not do anything because I feel like I have no energy and really I just do not want to. And today I really have to do things, but I just can not. I do not even want to talk with people. This is the day, when I want to be alone with all my minds, put them in places, figure out my life, whats going on and etc. I think this week or maybe even more than a week, was quite hard for me. I put a lot of pressure on myself for quite a lot time now, I know I just burn down emotionally.

I can not find a place for myself during this weekend, and I truly can not wait to feel like myself again and start to do stuff again. I hate this feeling. I hate when I am not doing anything. I just need to do stuff, but at this point, I can not. It is annoying and at some point it even hurting from inside.

Hope so, that these two days, was enough for me to recover, get more energy, just from watching tv shows and doing totally nothing and tomorrow everything going to be in their places again, all my feelings, my minds, and doubts.

Peace. Zou.:)

Hello from Denmark

Hello, I am not sure if anyone is going to read thins my blog, but just because I am in love with writing and thought that it would be nice to try my writing skills in English and challenge myself a bit, so that is why I am here and you are reading these worlds.

I am not sure about what exactly this blog is going to be, but we all will see in the beginning how it goes. Maybe I will just stop writing here after some time because I am writing one blog in my native language and maybe it is going to be too much for me and I am will not have enough time for both of them. But I think that now it is way too early to think about it, and I just should see how it is going to turn out.

You can see from the title, that currently, I am living in Denmark, but I am from a small Baltic country called Lithuania. I came to Denmark for my master studies of Biotechnology at Aalborg University. Although is not easy here and I do have some hard times, but I am happy with my decision to come here, because it is whole different experience and way better studies than back in Lithuania, just in my opinion.

Hope so, that you will find here something that you would like. 🙂

See you soon.

Peace. Zou.:)